“Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.” ― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Much like a storm, CEVILAIN has swept onto the scene and left a poignant and lasting impression. Inspired by titans of the genre - Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and Thrice - CEVILAIN channels their creative energies into captivating tracks whose impact is only surpassed by their energetic live performance and their ability to engage their audience. Members Cliff Menzies (Vocals/Guitar), Joel Lefebvre (Lead Guitar), Eddy Fox (Bass) and Andrew Parmelee (Drums) give every ounce of themselves night in and night out…

This is no more evident than on their upcoming release: “On Death & Dying”. The concept EP is based on the Kübler-Ross model, better known as the “Five Stages of Grief”, with each full-track highlighting a stage (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance).

The first single off the EP, "How It Ends”, showcases CEVILAIN’s ability to hammer home searing instrumentation with soaring melody and focused harmony. Released in October 2019, the single has become the bands most successful release to date – receiving significant play on rock radio and streaming for over 250k+ plays!

The band continues to display their unique talents on the follow up single: “Take Shelter”. The song highlights the desperation and fever of the “bargaining” stage and further establishes their straight forward, no-holds-barred brand of hard rock. Layers of raw emotion are surrounded by tight musicianship leading to a massive chorus that will leave the listener hooked and coming back time and again.

“On Death & Dying” was recorded and produced by CEVILAIN at Fill The Void Studios in Ottawa, Canada. Each full-track was mixed by Jon Lundin (Point North), engineer for: Fever 333 & Atreyu.




  • "How It Ends" (released: Oct 2019) has streamed over 100k times across all media platforms;
  • "How It Ends" has been featured on the Spotify "Rock Your Block" & "Rock Favorites" playlists;
  • CEVILAIN have secured Adam Gontier (Saint Asonia, ex-Three Days Grace) for a 2020 guest feature;
  • "Better Angels" (released: April 2019) has streamed over 50k times across all media platforms;
  • "Hush" - CEVILAIN's first single (released: Sept 2018) has streamed over 50k times across all media platforms;
  • Winners of the 2019 Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Search;
  • Airplay on Rebel 101.7 (Ottawa), 89X (Windsor), 94.9 The Rock (Oshawa), as well as non-comms in Canada & the US;
  • Support performances include: Palaye Royale, Bif Naked, Saint Asonia, Adam Gontier (ex-Three Days Grace), Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), One Bad Son, Crown Lands, Bonds Of Mara, Ritchie Kotzen, and more...
  • Members have a combined 40 years experience in the music industry and 15 years touring experience with various other acts.



  • Voodoo Rockfest 2018, 2019 // Napanee, ON
  • Rebel 101.7 Rockfest 2018 // OTT, ON
  • Soundtrack Of The City 2018 // TO, ON
  • Rebelfest 2018 // OTT, ON
  • Canadian Music Week 2019 // TO, ON
  • Indie Week 2019 // TO, ON


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Toronto, ON
  • Montreal, QC
  • Kingston, ON
  • Windsor, ON





"This is a band to keep an eye on...These guys stole the hearts of tons of guests at Voodoo Rockfest and people are still telling me how much they loved CEVILAIN" - Joe Mathews, Founder of Voodoo Rockfest

...the band is not static, and they truly emerse themselves into what they're doing, losing themselves in the performance. Peeling your eyes away is a task and a half with this band. - The Ottawa Showbox

I dug the latest from CEVILAIN - "Hush" - 30 seconds into spinning it live on our morning show. Takes balls to say this deserves to be on the radio...and deliver, AGAIN. - Daryl Kornicky, Rebel 101.7