Similiar to that of Chevelle, Thrice, and Breaking Benjamin - CeVILAIN - puts a twist on typical song structure to allow seamless transitions and free expression of storytelling. Guitarist and Vocalist Cliff Menzies, and bassist Adam Tremblett, often match riffs in unison to drive home song elements. This, supported by the melodic drumming of Andrew Parmelee, encourages the listener to connect with the heart of the songs. The vocal power of Cliff has been described as nothing short of extraordinary; easily transitioning quiet, emotive crooning to expressive high notes to growling, raspy accented progressions.

The band has had to pleasure of sharing the stage with various well-established, international, touring acts, such as: Adam Gontier (Saint Asonia/ex-Three Days Grace), Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), One Bad Son, and The Lazys.

Cevilain's first single, "Borrowed Time", has received regular radio play on several stations in Canada, including REBEL 101.7 FM in the nation's capital of Ottawa, ON.

Looking forward to 2018, CeVILAIN is hitting the festival circuit and releasing more music. Already in the writing phase, the band's newest releases will encompass their established, high-energy sound.